Board of Directors
The Kennedy Heights Community Center Board of Directors meets the third Wednesday of each month from 5:30 - 7:00 PM.  The meetings are held at the community center. Childcare is available upon request.  The meeting agenda and previous meeting minutes are posted on the community center bulletin board in the main hallway. The meetings are open to community center residents and the public.

Executive Committee 
John Givens, Chair
Erik Larson, Treasurer
Patricia Butler
Nina Gehan
LaDonna McReynolds
La Toya Moss
Reneise Roy
Patrina White

Interested in joining the Board of Directors?  Read a full job description here.
A self-nomination form is available here.
Staff Members 
Claude Gilmore, Executive Director
Jasmine Bradley Wilson, Early Childhood Lead Teacher & Afterschool Teacher
Anjelica Brown, Early Childhood Program Assistant Teacher 
Megan Beckler, Elementary Afterschool Program Lead Teacher
Kate Remmington, Early Childhood Program Substitute Teacher
Holly Smith, Early Childhood Program Substitute Teacher
True Vang, Early Childhood Program Substitute Teacher
Heidi Fischer, 4 Year Old Kindergarten Teacher
Kay Frazier, Assistant 4K Teacher
Tyson Brown, Food Service
Xhevahire Munishi, Food Service 
Jaimie Schlicher, Midldle School Program Coordinator & Girls Inc Faciiltator
Marquis Mason, Boys Group Coordinator 
Rose Yang, Asian Outreach Coordinator & Food Pantry Coordinator
Alyssia Sanchez, PASS AmeriCorps
Russ Faulkner, PASS AmeriCorps 
Darlene Jabang, Administrative Assistant

The Center adheres to an equal employment opportunity principle in providing services, hiring and supervising staff and volunteers, and promotional activities.  Equal opportunity is defined as non-discrimination on the basis of age, race, color, disability, association with person with a disability, gender, religious conviction, creed, gender, sexual orientation, arrest conviction record, marital status, source of income, physical appearance, political beliefs, familial status, student status, national origin, or military participation.. 

Interested in employment with the Kennedy Heights Community Center?  
A job application is available here.

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