Programs and Services
   “…it’s a cool neighborhood.  It’s a place that you would want to live in – Kennedy Heights.”    Osha Dancy, age 11
Early Childhood Program
The Early Childhood Program offers a half day, year round preschool program for children ages 3 – 5. The program prepares children for success in school and daily life. The program is both state licensed and city accredited.  The program includes a daily breakfast, child initiated play, outside time, and teacher planned activities that support learning. The program serves 20 – 25 children each year and 14 children each day. Kennedy Heights residents are given first priority for program spaces, when space is available the program is open to the public.

Four-Year-Old Kindergarten 
In partnership with the Madison Metropolitan School District the Kennedy Heights Community Center offers a part-day 4 year Kindergarten program taught by a school district teacher. The program is offer Tuesday - Friday during the afternoon from 12:07 PM - 3:17 PM. The program uses the Creative Curriculum and focuses on play based learning. Enrollment can be completed online here: 

After School Program Enrolled
The After School Program provides an enriching, safe program for elementary school age children each day.  The program provides opportunities for children to play, complete their homework and build positive relationships with adults and their peers. Staff and volunteers implement a number of enrichment activities throughout the program year that support academic and social skill development. Children in Kindergarten – third grade are served through the enrolled, licensed program.  

After School  Program Drop-In
Children in 4th and 5th grade participate in a drop-in program that meets the needs of older elementary school age children. The 4th and 5th grade program includes snack, homework help time, outdoor play, and enrichment activities that support academic and social skill development.  The program include regular access to technology.

Youth Program
The Youth Program for middle and high school students is designed to help youth make positive decisions in their life.  The program actively engages youth in decision-making roles and focuses on helping youth explore positive options for their future.  The program serves on average 15 youth per day and 60 different youth per year. 

Creating Opportunity in Math Engineering Technology and Science (COMETS)
Through a generous grant from the Madison Community Foudation and in collaboration with five other Madison Community Centers, the University of Wisconsin Biology Outreach Center and Edgewood College Kennedy Heights Community Center is offering weekly, hands-on inquiry based science clubs during our After School Program, special parent science nights and professional development for staff.

Girls Inc.
The Girls Inc. Program is an education program for 9 – 15 year old girls.  Girls Inc. inspires girls to be strong, smart and bold. The program meets almost daily and provides activities that focus on healthy living, academic success, community service, leadership development and recreation.  The program serves 60 girls every year.

Boys Group
The Boys Group Program is a weekly program for middle school boys.  The program focuses on conflict-resolution, violence prevention, and supporting adolescent boys in their transition into young men.  Programming includes discussion groups, activities, service projects and opportunities for boys to interact with a variety of positive role models. The program serves 50 different boys each year

Middle School Summer Day Camp
The Middle School Summer Camp program provides youth going into 5th - 9th grades with an eight-week summer enrichment program.  The half day program includes a variety of enrichment activities from which youth can choose.  Past enrichment clubs have included swimming, library, golf, technology, outdoor, gardening, basketball, tennis, volleyball, art, international crafts, community service, youth-run business, how to manage money, fishing, cooking / nutrition and many field trips throughout the Madison area. The program includes lunch and snack.  Each year 30 youth enroll in the day camp program. 

Adult Resources Program 
The Adult Resources Program provides educational opportunities and training that supports adults seeking employment, education or increased connection to their neighborhood. Programming includes case management, supported, open computer lab access, GED classes, computer training, ESL classes and other training that helps to reduce the barriers to employment and civic life. 

Adult Computer Classes
Throughout the year the community center offers a variety of computer classes. Classes meet in eight week sessions and are offered in both English and Hmong.

Food Pantry
The Kennedy Heights Food Pantry provides residents with food and nutrition information. The food pantry is run by resident volunteers and serves 30 – 50 families each week.  The food pantry is a client choice pantry that encourages clients to choose their own foods to meet their families’ nutritional needs. The food pantry is supported by Second Harvest Food Bank, Community Action Coalition and many area food drives.

Asian Outreach
The Asian Outreach Program helps Southeast Asian residents by providing translation services Hmong-Enlish, assistance navigating the school system and help accessing center programs and other community services.  The Asian Outreach program also provides a monthly educational workshop in Hmong. Some examples of past workshops include nutrition, cooking, parenting skills, using the library, financial literacy, and many others.  The Asian Outreach program provides services and support to over 300 individuals each year.

Community Events - Spring Fling - Family Literacy Night 
Each year the community center hosts a variety of community events for the neighborhood.  These have included neighborhood block parties, talent shows, family literacy nights, community focus groups, parent-child kickball tournaments, art exhibits, financial literacy workshops, fishing safety forums, and many other center and resident planned community activities.  Over 1000 people attend our events each year.

Facility Use
The community center provides space to other non-profit groups that provide programming that fits with the mission of the community center and is available to the community. 

Equal Opportunity Statement
The Center adheres to an equal employment opportunity principle in providing services, hiring and supervising staff and volunteers, and promotional activities.  Equal opportunity is defined as non-discrimination on the basis of age, race, color, disability, association with person with a disability, gender, religious conviction, creed, gender, sexual orientation, arrest conviction record, marital status, source of income, physical appearance, political beliefs, familial status, student status, national origin, or military participation. 
Kennedy Heights Community Center
2017 Annual Report: Program Highlights

  • The Early Childhood Program maintained a 5 Star rating with State Licensing and remained City Accredited.
  • 2685 individual received 80,550 pounds of food from our Food Pantry.
  • 39 elementary children received free after school and summer care.
  • 36 middle school youth participated in after school and summer programming.
  • 39 girls participated in the Girls Inc. program.
  • 25 adults received employment training and support to overcome barriers to full employment.
  • 204 individuals received assistance from our South East Asian Outreach Program.
  • 2,656 individuals used the Kennedy Heights Community Center.
  • 4,329 hours of programming were provided .
  • 403 Volunteers provided 3627 hours of volunteer service.
2017 Financials
Kennedy Heights Staff
$ 281,339.00
Staff Fringe Benefits
$ 51,594.00
Contractual Expenses
$ 34,430.00
Other Expenses
$ 135,942.00
Total Operating Expenses
$ 503,305.00
Dane Co Human Services
$ 8,000.00
United Way Dane Co
$ 38,250.00
City of Madison- CDD
$ 179,170.00
Other Govt*
$ 113,735.00
Fundraising Donations
$ 164,150.00
Total Revenue
$ 503,305.00